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It’s a “Mad World” with One Royal Oak

A little over a week ago we celebrated our Mad World event over at Cafe Muse. The ‘Mad Men’ themed benefit was met with an enthusiastic response, with people from the community dressing up in vintage attire coming out to enjoy fine wine, food, and conversation with fellow HRO supporters.

gold dress

If we’d had a costume contest these folks would’ve easily been top contenders!

Cafe Muse elegantly decorated a part of their restaurant to help create the appearance of a 60s cocktail party, even playing some relaxing jazz music in the background. Food consisted of recipes inspired from the 60s, such as deviled eggs, cheese balls, and stuffed celery.


Guests were offered tastes from a variety of wines.


The evening proved to be a fun way to both engage the community of Royal Oak and support the Human Rights Ordinance that will be on the ballot this November. This benefit was a nice reminder that it takes time, money, and dedication to run a campaign, and that those qualities can be put into action through fun, engaging events like Mad World. Campaigns such as One Royal Oak thrive on community involvement. Community involvement comes from active community members talking with voters, spreading word about the campaign, and also coming out for a celebratory evening that both raises money and awareness for the HRO. This event was fun and instrumental in fortifying the One Royal Oak campaign.


Meet the campaign staff!

Our next event, the “August Action,” takes a similar approach for a different outcome. Whereas Mad World was about engaging the community to raise funds for One Royal Oak, our August Action works with the community to increase awareness and voter outreach. Come join the team for a day of volunteer recruitment, community engagement, and most importantly equality support!

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