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New Volunteer Opportunities

We have some new volunteer opportunities, other than the typical canvassing and phone-banking. If you are interested in helping out the campaign, but want to do something a bit different then this might be just the thing for you!

  • ImageOfficial Campaign Dog-Walker(s): Meet Charlie. He is our campaign dog, office buddy, and constant morale booster! The only job requirements are a love for furry pets, equality, and our amazing city of Royal Oak. Walk-days are Tuesday-Sunday at 1 pm and 4 pm.
  • Campaign Office “Tidier-Upper(s)”: This job is for someone who loves to clean (and work in a neat environment). Come help clean out the office and socialize with the team! Requirements are to bring your own supplies (e.g. Windex and paper towels), sweep out the office (we provide the broom), clean out the fridge and kitchen area, and bag garbage. We have two times available: Tuesday at 11 am and Sunday at 4 pm.
  • Finance Assistant: A more office-style job, this volunteer position is perfect for someone who is well-organized and works well independently. Job includes writing thank-you notes, updating data, and making limited phone calls. This job is quite flexible so you can choose your time-slot to help out!
  • Volunteer Coordinator Assistant: This position is perfect for a social person who likes talking with people. Help us contact those who are scheduled to volunteer (like yourself!), do some data entry, and schedule future volunteers. Again, the availability is quite flexible and up to the volunteer.
  • Communications Assistant: Are you always on Facebook? Then this position is perfect for you! Help us write our Facebook posts, update the website, and keep the campaign involved in the media. This job is perfect for the busy person and can even be done from home!

If any of these volunteer opportunities sound like something you’d want to be involved with please contact One Royal Oak at We are always looking for various ways to include community members in our activities and this is a way for you to get involved in a different way (take a break from knocking those doors!).

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