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What is this about?

On March 4, 2013 the City Commission of Royal Oak passed a Human Rights Ordinance that would ban discriminatory practices in employment, housing, and public accommodation on the basis of actual OR perceived race, national origin, religion, color, sex, age, height, weight, pregnancy condition, marital status, physical and mental limitations, source of income, family responsibilities, educational association, sexual orientation, gender identity, and HIV status.

That ordinance was then petitioned by those who oppose fairness and equality, thus preventing the Human Rights Ordinance from taking effect.

On November 5th the community of Royal Oak will be asked to vote on the adoption of this Human Rights Ordinance. It will be up to the community to protect the diversity of Royal Oak and to ensure that every resident and guest of Royal Oak is protected from discrimination. Vote YES to fairness and equality!


Why do we need this Human Rights Ordinance?

Michigan is among 29 states in the union where you can still be fired on the spot just for being gay and 34 states if you’re transgender. While employment laws (Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act) exist on the books to protect workers on the basis of race, gender, and religion, no such protections exist for employees who are singled out for their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The lack of an ordinance to protect the community makes Royal Oak less competitive at attracting businesses than neighboring cities, as well as attracting residents and guests. Over 20 cities in Michigan have ordinances similar to the one up for adoption in November. Royal Oak needs to join these other welcoming cities, such as Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Ferndale, to create an environment suitable for everyone.


Royal Oak has an obligation to ensure that all of its guests and residents are treated equally and fairly. It is up to the city to protect its members and it is now up to the community to ensure that this happens. On November 5th vote YES for fairness and equality here in Royal Oak.

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