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New Volunteer Opportunities

We have some new volunteer opportunities, other than the typical canvassing and phone-banking. If you are interested in helping out the campaign, but want to do something a bit different then this might be just the thing for you!

  • ImageOfficial Campaign Dog-Walker(s): Meet Charlie. He is our campaign dog, office buddy, and constant morale booster! The only job requirements are a love for furry pets, equality, and our amazing city of Royal Oak. Walk-days are Tuesday-Sunday at 1 pm and 4 pm.
  • Campaign Office “Tidier-Upper(s)”: This job is for someone who loves to clean (and work in a neat environment). Come help clean out the office and socialize with the team! Requirements are to bring your own supplies (e.g. Windex and paper towels), sweep out the office (we provide the broom), clean out the fridge and kitchen area, and bag garbage. We have two times available: Tuesday at 11 am and Sunday at 4 pm.
  • Finance Assistant: A more office-style job, this volunteer position is perfect for someone who is well-organized and works well independently. Job includes writing thank-you notes, updating data, and making limited phone calls. This job is quite flexible so you can choose your time-slot to help out!
  • Volunteer Coordinator Assistant: This position is perfect for a social person who likes talking with people. Help us contact those who are scheduled to volunteer (like yourself!), do some data entry, and schedule future volunteers. Again, the availability is quite flexible and up to the volunteer.
  • Communications Assistant: Are you always on Facebook? Then this position is perfect for you! Help us write our Facebook posts, update the website, and keep the campaign involved in the media. This job is perfect for the busy person and can even be done from home!

If any of these volunteer opportunities sound like something you’d want to be involved with please contact One Royal Oak at We are always looking for various ways to include community members in our activities and this is a way for you to get involved in a different way (take a break from knocking those doors!).

What does LGBT discrimination do to the economy?

A non-biased report by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights finds a negative economic impact from allowing LBGT discrimination here in Michigan:

“the report conclusively establishes that the economic implications of LGBT inclusion/exclusion are real, they are substantial, they are predictable and they must be a part of any informed policy discussion.”

In January 2013, the MDCR released their findings after a year-long project supported by a grant from the Tide Foundation. This “Report on LGBT Inclusion under Michigan Law with Recommendations for Action” was published after a year of research (surveys, public forums, and archival research) examining the economic impact of the state’s current laws and policies and how change would affect the future. The comprehensive 123-page report analyzes the present state of LGBT inclusion, followed by a look at the present state of discrimination, as well as the impact of both inclusion and discrimination. The report also addresses “common misconceptions and unwarranted fears”, a section that negates arguments such as:  “too few” people are negatively impacted by discrimination, there are already laws that protect the LGBT population , and criminality (e.g. public restrooms – pg. 94 for a detailed look at this unwarranted concern). The report concludes with “Recommendations for Action” including to expand protection for the LGBT community, oppose restrictive laws and policies, and support non-discrimination policy changes (such as the HRO up for vote this November in Royal Oak).

This report speaks volumes for the necessity of the HRO in Royal Oak. The non-inclusiveness of Royal Oak is detrimental to its economy, as proved by this well-researched, in-depth report by the MDCR. This human rights issue is also an economic one. Come this November it will be up to the voters of Royal Oak to protect their community and economy.

Click here to read the full report.


Paid for by One Royal Oak with regulated funds.

It’s a “Mad World” with One Royal Oak

A little over a week ago we celebrated our Mad World event over at Cafe Muse. The ‘Mad Men’ themed benefit was met with an enthusiastic response, with people from the community dressing up in vintage attire coming out to enjoy fine wine, food, and conversation with fellow HRO supporters.

gold dress

If we’d had a costume contest these folks would’ve easily been top contenders!

Cafe Muse elegantly decorated a part of their restaurant to help create the appearance of a 60s cocktail party, even playing some relaxing jazz music in the background. Food consisted of recipes inspired from the 60s, such as deviled eggs, cheese balls, and stuffed celery.


Guests were offered tastes from a variety of wines.


The evening proved to be a fun way to both engage the community of Royal Oak and support the Human Rights Ordinance that will be on the ballot this November. This benefit was a nice reminder that it takes time, money, and dedication to run a campaign, and that those qualities can be put into action through fun, engaging events like Mad World. Campaigns such as One Royal Oak thrive on community involvement. Community involvement comes from active community members talking with voters, spreading word about the campaign, and also coming out for a celebratory evening that both raises money and awareness for the HRO. This event was fun and instrumental in fortifying the One Royal Oak campaign.


Meet the campaign staff!

Our next event, the “August Action,” takes a similar approach for a different outcome. Whereas Mad World was about engaging the community to raise funds for One Royal Oak, our August Action works with the community to increase awareness and voter outreach. Come join the team for a day of volunteer recruitment, community engagement, and most importantly equality support!

The Expectations of an Intern

Welcome to Royal Oak, a city that in a few months I hope will be one that looks out for all its residents and guests.

My name is Judith Rontal. I am an intern with the One Royal Oak Campaign, although my official title is Deputy Campaign Manager (without the Sheriff badge). I got involved with this campaign in its first weeks and since then, have seen it grow from a 50-liked Facebook page to a freshly created website (designed by yours truly and Barb). In the month or so I’ve been involved I’ve learned about Royal Oak and more about the state I call home. Let me tell you about myself…milan

I grew up in Ann Arbor and am going to be a senior in the fall at the University of Michigan. In a year I hope to have a degree in International Studies, Anthropology, and Italian. Aside from my one year studying in Boston and 4 months in Italy, I’ve spent my life in Ann Arbor. Therein lies my biggest reason for getting involved with this campaign: Ann Arbor is such a welcoming and open community that is prevents me from witnessing the discrimination that plagues much of the state of Michigan (Ann Arbor does face discrimination, but it has measures like the HRO to protect its citizens).

I grew up hearing about the rest of Michigan, how my city was special, and how lucky I was to be living there. That bothered me – why should I be lucky? The protections I receive by being a resident in Ann Arbor should be available to everybody, but they are NOT.

  • I want to be lucky for living 10 minutes away from the Art Fair, for going to school so close to home that my parents can do my grocery shopping if I’m too “busy,” and for  living in a vibrant youthful city full of 20-somethings because of UM.
  • don’t want to be lucky for walking downtown at 2 am with friends and feeling safe, for seeing every type of couple holding hands, or for being proud of how accepting my city is.

My city shouldn’t be an example to follow because there shouldn’t be the need for one. What is seen as an example is what I believe should be an expectation. In order for my expectations to be met, Royal Oak must adopt this HRO and have the interest of all its residents at its heart. Royal Oak = its community, the community that must vote in November to look out for one another. I promise to work my hardest in the months of my internship to meet my expectations and make Royal Oak the city I believe it deserves to be. I am very excited to be involved with this campaign as it not only makes me take a look at my core beliefs, but it also puts to use and challenges the skills I’ve worked so hard at school to build.

Let’s bring fairness and equality to Royal Oak!