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Aaron Appel – Deputy Campaign Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Aaron Appel and I’m one of the Deputy Campaign Managers of the One Royal Oak Campaign.  Working on this team has presented me with an incredibly exciting opportunity that I wouldn’t have expected going into this summer.  It has also presented me with a cause to fight for.  I’ve petitioned, phonebanked, and canvassed in college, but when I get involved in voter outreach here, I really get sucked in – how could you not?


On the subject of college, a little about myself: I grew up in Troy, Michigan, and attended The Roeper School for fourteen years, graduating in the spring of 2012.  From there I moved on to Oberlin College in Ohio, where I study Psychology, Political Science, and Law. The transition from suburban Troy, with a multitude of faceless neighbors, to small town Ohio, where I could be involved in an actual community around my residence, laid the foundation for working with this campaign.

It’s important to have a community around you that makes you feel comfortable and supported – where you’re not denied basic freedoms based on who you are.  This campaign seeks to ensure that Royal Oak can be all the more welcoming to an increasingly diverse community.  Diversity leads to a vibrant and creative community with more viewpoints in the pot, and this creativity is beneficial to surrounding institutions.  I live in Troy, where a Human Rights Ordinance like the one here in Royal Oak is many years off, and it’s plain to see how much Troy suffers for that fact.

My time on this campaign will unfortunately end in early August, but I will always remember my time here.  I’m excited to have been offered this opportunity fresh out of my first year at Oberlin to make a difference here and I hope that more individuals continue to join us in this fight – and it is a fight.  This is not the time for apathy.  What is accomplished in Royal Oak will decide the fate of similar legislative action in other cities.

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