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Sabrina Lee – Field Team Lead

sabrinaHey everyone! My name is Sabrina Lee and I’m extremely excited to be a part of the One Royal Oak team. Everything about this campaign, from its dedication to human rights to its phenomenal team members, inspires me to help fight for a community that celebrates diversity, no matter what form it takes. Here’s a little bit about myself: I am an incoming freshman at Wellesley College, where I hope to study Political Science. As an openly queer student in high school, I became deeply involved with the LGBT community, which influenced me to reach out to LGBT-identified voters during the 2012 Presidential elections, start a Gay-Straight Alliance at Troy High School, and become a Student Ambassador for The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Considering the anti-LGBT hostility my friends and I encountered from high school alone, the issues of fairness and equality have become very personal to me. Even though I’m a resident of Troy, I’m profoundly inspired by the movement in Royal Oak because extending protections to ALL people here can become a reality within the next few months. I’m eager to help foster the kind of momentum in Royal Oak that will influence change on not only the local level, but eventually state-wide, national, and global levels. This Human Rights Ordinance is imperative in banning discrimination in addition to creating a safer, more affirming environment in Royal Oak. This is why I’m ready to put in 110% with the team over the next few weeks to watch Royal Oak adopt this ordinance so that no one will have to face persecution for being who they are. Although I will be in Massachusetts for college when November 5th comes around, I’m confident that we can reach out to the community to vote YES.

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